Welcome back to my blog. You know that I am the one who always reminds you how the Internet has altered the face of the planet, all for good in my opinion. As an information and Communication technology student at the University of Zagreb, I am poised to offer my services in making the Web more accessible as a resource whatever your goal may be. Learn new things, watch videos and have fun, read opinions and keep up to date with the news. It is all part of the process of modern life.

While preparing some material for class, I was unexpectedly robbed in my own apartment. I didn’t think that I lived in a bad area of town, but now I am beginning to wonder. My friends say it can happen anywhere. You just must learn how to protect yourself. Self defense is a big subject among the students because things have happened to each and every one. Not all were life-threatening situations, but scary enough to prompt learning a martial art or getting a gun permit. I don’t want to go that far although I fear a recurrence. I can’t lock up my belongings as I need quick access to them. I am looking for a home defense weapon that isn’t a gun.

Of course, I went on the Internet to see what alternative methods were recommended and if I could buy them online. I found hundreds of articles that helped me sort through this maze in no time. I immediately rejected a number of items such as a knife, a collapsible police metal baton (gives a good conk on the head), brass knuckles (you must have the guts to use them), and tear gas (I don’t expect a riot). I can put in an alarm or just wear a small body version all the time. That doesn’t sound practical. What I liked best was pepper spray, manufactured by Mace. It is a chemical self defense spray that will knock your opponent for a loop for up to an hour. Made of chili extract and several other ingredients, it attacks the eyes and nose, causing a painful burning sensation. You can immobilize a person of any size with a quick douse to the face.

Now I know you can defend yourself without a gun. The spray, an inflammatory agent, seems appropriate for a student. I can carry it on campus at night or around the city. I can have another can on hand at home. I have checked with local authorities and have ascertained that pepper spray is completely legal. It is threatening, but doesn’t kill. I am surprised I didn’t think about this before. It is inexpensive, practical, small, and effective. Carrying it identifies you as a person assuming the worse, but after being robbed, perhaps I am. I feel safer and more secure, especially when at home. On campus, there is safety in numbers.