Embarrassing Medical Questions

Sometimes I come up with the oddest questions. I don’t always ask them directly to people as they could be embarrassing medical questions. I am interested in human behavior, ambition, and physical being. It all comes together to form an individual. It is fascinating to me how diverse we are and I want to know what accounts for it. I concentrate on cultural differences in basic practices like the way we dress, put on makeup (if you are a woman), and present ourselves to the world. For example, I have notices the vast number of ads on TV and in women’s magazines for eyelash extensions and mascara. Why this emphasis on the eyes? Is it cross cultural? I think so. It is seems to be popular worldwide from the US to the Middle East. Women love to flutter their lashes to gain attention. They find that thick, long ones make them look exotic and glamorous. Who doesn’t want that? Thus, eye makeup is a billion dollar business from a global perspective. Ladies can choose from the American, London, or Paris look. It gives them a world of choices so they never get bored with their daily routine. I am basing this opinion on observation. A friend has shared with me the fact that she wears eyelash extensions because she isn’t happy with the thin ones Mother Nature gave her.

I was a bit surprised that she gave away her cosmetic secret, but she had Eyelashes to Die For, so who cares? My curiosity has been satisfied about what women want for personal enhancement. I still had a question touching on the medical: do eyelashes grow back after eyelash extensions? In other words, does regular use of false lashes, adhesive glue, and harsh removers take a toll on your natural eyelashes? If it does, why on earth would women engage in the practice? I know some are sensitive to these lashes and the ingredients in the glue. When they pull the extensions off, they can have redness, irritation, or small bumps. Some lashes fall out. My friend said it is a matter of abuse: how often a woman uses them. If you are judicious in application of the glue and don’t leave the lashes on too long, your underlying ones will remain intact. If they do come out due to allergies, they will grow back, just like the eyebrows or the hair on your head. Some falls out every time you wash it.

If you don’t have friends to ask these oddball, quasi medical questions, the Internet is full of answers on virtually every subject. I love that about modern digital life. You can sit in the confines of your own home and search anything. In seconds you have answers, sometimes from “experts.” You will have to scroll through your search results to get the most accurate responses. You get to know the bogus sites from the legitimate ones. I would choose the Mayo Clinic, for example, over a cosmetic product site when asking my eyelash question.