AA Powerhouse

When I want to know more about something—it can be any subject—I go on line like the rest of the world. I can rely on the Internet to provide ample information from which I can glean the data I want to get. How on earth could we get by without it? My grandma used to go to the public library. She had a card and then could survey the holdings on her subject and check out a book. She would either read it then and there or take it home and spend hours scanning for relevant information. This worked well if the library had a great array of books. Not all subjects were adequately covered. She would be delighted to see that almost anything that exists as information is on the Web. She would have saved valuable time and could, instead, be home making her fabulous banana bread. I know she did like the trips to the library as a social occasion. She often encountered friends and family while there. Surfing the Internet is a lonely, solitary task.

But it works. When I wanted to find out about the best flashlight that uses AA batteries, you can bet I did so in a matter of minutes. I had purchased a huge quantity of them for my computer mouse so I thought since I needed a flashlight, it might as well use the same type. I love online investigations as I get the results I seek. I am now more knowledgeable about an LED flashlight. You bet I am going to buy it soon. Probably at a discount on a household or hunting supply website. My new AA powerhouse arrived in a matter of days. I carry it around to see how it makes its magic. You would be surprised how often you need that extra illumination. The light can be dim or nonexistent. If you need to find your car in a parking lot, this is a great help. You can read in bed, while camping, in a movie, or the garage while working on a DIY project.

The model I got was a Rayovac “Value Bright” gelly grip LED flashlight that produces five lumens of light that illuminates for a distance of up to 22 meters. I would say that is all I need for most purposes. Gelly grip means that the handle is easy to grasp. In point of fact, it molds to your hand so you won’t drop it. It is incredibly comfortable and easy to use. So, a flashlight has important considerations beyond lighting your way. Plus, this model is durable and can be dropped with incurring any damage. I have been known to have slippery hands so this is a plus. If you want super bright LED output, you can get one that will run on heavy duty AA batteries. Need I say more. I have piles of them. Beyond these features, you just need to decide on size and color.